The Merton Partnership publishes a number of documents that aim to deliver improved outcomes for people living in Merton across all areas of borough life. These documents can be found through this page. 

The Community Plan

Merton's Community Plan is the overarching strategic plan of the Merton Partnership. It sets out the Partnership's long-term vision and priorities for the borough. The original Community Plan was agreed in 2006, then refreshed in 2009, 2011 and 2013 to ensure it remains up to date and in line with residents' priorities.

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Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy

Merton's Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy was adopted by the Merton Partnership in October 2004. The overarching aim of the Neighbourhood Renewal Strategy is to narrow the gap between the relatively affluent west of the borough and the more disadvantaged wards in Mitcham and east Merton.

As a result of community engagement events, working parties and statistical analysis, Merton's 'Neighbourhood Renewal Area' was identified as comprising the following wards: Lavender, Cricket Green, Figges Marsh, Ravensbury, Pollards Hill, St Helier, Longthornton and Graveney. In addition, there will be focus on hotspots of income, employment and educational deprivation in Abbey, Colliers Wood and Raynes Park wards.

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Community Cohesion Charter and Strategy

The Community Cohesion Charter (pdf, 486KB, 21 February 2007) was launched in June 2006.

It outlines the Merton Partnership's commitment to promoting community cohesion across the borough and building good community relations to achieve a stronger, more resilient borough. The charter commits members of the partnership to make Merton a place where:

  • everyone can benefit from improved life opportunities and outcomes
  • residents experience improved standards of living
  • learning, cultural and leisure opportunities are enjoyed by all in safe and accessible environments

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Annual Report

The Merton Partnership has published its annual report for 2018/19. The report looks back at some of the partnership's key developments, challenges and achievements over the year and provides information on progress against key performance indicators in 2018-19.

Merton Partnership Annual Report 2018/19

Governance Handbook

The Governance Handbook sets out the strategic, decision-making and operational structure of the Merton Partnership, and identifies the roles and responsibilities of partners. The handbook is reviewed annually and updated when required.

Governance Handbook 2015-16 

Equality and Diversity Policy

The Merton Partnership Equality and Diversity Policy demonstrates the partnership's commitment to the principles of equal opportunities, diversity and social inclusion. All agencies belonging to the partnership will work to:

  • promote equal opportunities for all
  • break down barriers caused by direct and indirect discrimination
  • promote good relations among and within different groups

The aim of the policy is to provide a coherent, overarching equality and diversity framework that the Merton Partnership can use to ensure there is a co-ordinated approach to promoting equality and diversity issues across the partnership.

The Stronger Communities Partnership Board will have responsibility for the delivery and monitoring of the policy across the partnership and for reporting progress to the Executive Board through the normal reporting procedures, or as required. 

The Merton Partnership Performance Management Framework

The Merton Partnership Performance Management Framework sets out how the partnership manages its performance across its different bodies. The framework is updated annually and agreed by the partnership's Executive Board. The partnership also has a data quality framework to ensure that all partners are producing good quality, robust data.

Merton Partnership Performance Management and Data Quality Framework (updated 2012) 

The Merton Partnership 5 Key Messages

The Merton Partnership has developed five key messages about the partnership to help improve understanding about what it is and promote its work to a wider audience. The key messages are designed to communicate in a simple way what the partnership is doing and how it works.

5 key messages 

Voluntary Sector and Volunteering Strategy

The Voluntary Sector and Volunteering Strategy sets out our commitment to working together with the Voluntary and Community Sector (VCS) to benefit everyone in the community in Merton.

Voluntary Sector and Volunteering Strategy