Merton Council logoThe London Borough of Merton is governed by Merton Council, which comprises 60 councillors who are elected every four years from the 29 constituent wards. In May 2010, the Conservative Party lost control of the council to the Labour Party. Merton Council now consists of 28 Labour members 27 Conservative members, 3 Merton Park Independent Residents and 2 Liberal democrats. The current Leader of Merton Council is Labour Councillor Stephen Alambritis.

The council was reconstructed in 2005 into five departments that provide frontline services. These departments include:

  • Chief Executive’s Department
  • Corporate Services
  • Children, Schools and Families
  • Environment and Regeneration
  • Community and Housing

The five departments are then divided into smaller divisions which are then divided into teams. The cabinet, which is comprised of nine councillors from the majority party, oversees and coordinates the functions of the departments and determines the overall strategies and policy directions of the council.

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