Merton Unity logo​Merton Unity Network (MUN) was established in 1994 with a vision of “valuing diversity and working in partnership to strengthen the bonds of humanity and encourage greater participation in all aspects of community life”. The Network represents the views, experiences, and needs of Merton’s black and minority ethnic communities. MUN consists of members from minority communities and is governed by an executive board.

Aims and Objectives

  • Work in partnership with all sectors at the local level to promote a culturally-diverse community and the general well being of people from Merton's black and minority ethnic (BME) groups.
  • Bring member groups together to pool resources and to take part in all aspects of community life.
  • Assist member groups' development by promoting, supporting, protecting and preserving good public health, education, training, and enabling access to funding and other services.
  • Respond to specific requests of member groups, particularly in relation to research.


  • Joint commissioning of research: Meta Data Research relating to issues of housing for ethnic minorities and African Caribbean Needs Research.
  • Health Awareness Days.
  • Point of consultation for BME voluntary and community sector with other sectors.
  • Winners of the Community Diversity Award 2000 for contribution to and success in the growth and development of the BME sector.
  • Facilitated the leverage of funds (approx. £1million) to support the capacity building of local BME groups in partnership with EMF-CEMVO.
  • Working in partnership with Merton Council, local PCT and Merton Voluntary Service Council and other voluntary and community groups to develop Merton's Compact.
  • Working in partnership with funders to enable access to funding for BME groups, through funding fairs, etc.