What is a Local Strategic Partnership?

A Local Strategic Partnership (LSP) brings together organisations from the local statutory, voluntary, community, and private sectors. Together they address local problems such as funding, strategies, and initiatives. They promote joint working, community involvement and improving the quality of life in the area.

LSPs are vital to progress in delivering sustainable economic, social, and physical regeneration, and improving public services to meet the local community's needs. Joint working between these organisations and the community provides an opportunity for the public to have a say on what services should be provided, and enables the LSP to complete their target goals of improving the quality of life in the area.

The Merton Partnership

The Merton Partnership is the overarching strategic partnership that seeks to place the needs of the community, the regeneration of the borough and the effective delivery of public services right at the heart of what public agencies and their partners do.

The Partnership is responsible for the delivery of Merton's Community Plan

Structure of the Merton Partnership

The Merton Partnership has an Executive Board structure:

  • The Merton Partnership is chaired by the Leader of the Council. The Merton Partnership set the strategic direction of the Merton Partnership and hosts an annual themed conference.
  • The Executive Board meets twice yearly and is chaired by the Leader of the Council. The role of the Executive Board is to operationally manage the delivery of the priorities and targets of the Merton Partnership, as set out in the Community Plan.
  • There are four thematic partnerships that mirror the council's business plan strategic themes

    At all tiers of the partnership there are a number of INVOLVE  representatives who represent Merton's diverse and wide ranging voluntary community sector.

Contact us

The Merton Partnership would love to hear from you. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about the partnership, please contact us in one of the following ways.

Email: merton.partnership@merton.gov.uk

To write to us, please use the following address:

Merton Civic Centre
2nd Floor,
Policy, Strategy and Partnerships
London Road

The Community Plan

The Community Plan ('sustainable communities plan') is the borough's 'plan of plans', providing the strategic framework for the council's Business Plan. It is based on the issues Merton residents tell us they would like to see improved.